Lighter tanning result with NTE Mimosa: our range of natural tannins

Achieve lighter shades of naturally tanned leather with NTE Mimosa’s specialty vegetable extracts Mimosa Specialty Leather Tanning Products STAFF WRITER   |   26 October 2021 Controlling colour is an essential component of the vegetable leather-tanning process, and often a reason why tanneries are hesitant to experiment with natural tanning methods. The perception is that tanning leather with…

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Wattle Mimosa: The benefits of tanning the natural way

Mimosa extract from Acacia Mearnsii The benefits of tanning LEather the natural way STAFF WRITER   |   13 October 2021 Leather is among the earliest materials ever used by man and it’s earliest use can be traced to the Stone Age, where hunter gatherers used the skins of their kills for primitive shelter, clothing and toolmaking….

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Committed to Our Mission. Guided by Our Values. Driven to Prevail.

As 2019 drew to a close, anticipation of the Centenary increasingly became a galvanising event within NTE.

NTE Centenary

Chairman’s Centenary Message.

A centenary provides a rare opportunity for pause and reflection. The steep demands of contemporary business life means we are not often afforded the chance to step back and consider the company we continue to build and contribute to through the years.

Managing Director’s Foreword

Celebrating a history hard fought and hard earned.

Few business leaders are afforded the honour of marking their company’s Centenary celebration. Looking back at images we have of the wattle industry at the turn of last century, there is a toughness, a pioneering spirit in the people, which remains with NTE to this day.

3rd Newsletter June 2020

Lean years and growth years.

The global depression in the years following the First World War had a dampening effect on world trade, with the leather industry heavily impacted.

2nd Newsletter March 2020

International Trade Emerges.

In the last newsletter, we introduced Sir George Morris Sutton, a pioneer of the black wattle industry and by all accounts,an adventurous spirit who was born in Lincolnshire, married in Illinois and settled in the Howick hills of the KwaZulu-Natal midlands.

1st Newsletter January 2020

Pioneering the first plantations.

Quarterly in 2020, the Centenary Celebration newsletters will take a look back at a century of achievement that has forged the company that NTE is today, and the company we’re striving to create to meet the challenges of tomorrow.