NTE Centenary

Chairman’s Centenary Message

A centenary provides a rare opportunity for pause and reflection. The steep demands of contemporary business life means we are not often afforded the chance to step back and consider the company we continue to build and contribute to through the years. To mark NTE’s Centenary, we have revived a long tradition of careful documentation that has been a part of NTE’s culture through the ages.

It has provided the opportunity to look back and celebrate the great personalities and courageous decisions that have stewarded this great company to this moment: our hundred-year anniversary.

Albums of carefully archived photographs and documents that have marked moments of great change have been scanned, retouched, researched and their accounts written.

This process of transforming our history into digital format is an allegory for the change required in the century that lies ahead. Our company is built on a spirit of pioneering and determination to lead. Despite rising competition and shifts in demand, the versatility of wattle extract has ensured that our business remains robust and the outlook positive.

Under the steady leadership of Harald Niebuhr, our continued investment in research and development, new technology, logistics and brand strategy aims at future-proofing the company and establishing new avenues of revenue and growth for the journey ahead.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors, it is a great honour to mark this momentous occasion in NTE’s history. A special word of appreciation should be given to all our shareholders, staff, partners, customers, friends and other stakeholders; and to all of our suppliers of wattle bark for ensuring the long-term sustainability of NTE each time you plant another wattle tree. It is with your continued trust that our company will continue to grow, perform, and succeed for many years to come.

Here is to another century of success!

Hogart Gevers
Chairman of the Board