Celebrating our communities


Today, NTE is owned by some 700 growers, comprising corporate, medium, and small-scale growers. The small and community-based growers are supported by NTE’s Forestry Development Officer who provides extension services and support to these growers.

NTE proudly supports our small and community-based growers working hand in hand with our Forestry Development Officer, to empower, support and grow the stakes our smallest growers have within the company.

NTE’s small growers comprises some 10% of the shareholding and raw material supply, with these members having 100ha or less under Black Wattle cultivation. In addition to NTE providing a guaranteed market for the growers bark, they also provide Forestry Extension Services and mentoring through their experienced Forestry Development Officer.

Within our medium growers there are also a number of CPA’s (Community Property Associations) and other community based enterprises such as Amandla Emvelo CPA, Eyethu Farming, Ikhasi Agri farming, Isigelane CPA and Ituba Agriculture who make up our shareholding and bark suppliers, empowering communities within close proximity to our two factories.

These associations and enterprises also benefit from a secure market for their bark, and mentoring and forest extension services through the Forestry Development Programme. In some cases, financial and administrative support is provided to these entities, by NTE and bodies such as the IDC.